Additional Resources

Here are some other resources referenced in The Collaboration Imperative that can help drive more effective collaboration.


Self-Assessment: Discover Your Authentic Communication Style

Chapter Four, “Get Real About Communication,” introduces a way to learn more about yourself as a communicator, and how to take advantage of your authentic communication style while working with others. This includes a communication self-assessment developed by Cisco in partnership with Oregon State University. Access the self assessment and then click on “Take Survey” to complete this free self assessment and receive a customized report about your unique communication style.

 Stop Wasting Time: A Model for Better Meetings

In Chapter Six, “Stop Wasting Time,” the authors describe the Clarity of Purpose model, a simple meeting-management approach that streamlines collaboration. Click here to learn more about the Clarity of Purpose model. Download a free guide to the model, which includes helpful templates, under “Resources” at the bottom of the page.